Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation that gets you results

SEO is where you’ll see the biggest bang for your buck and effort. I know what works for wedding professionals and creatives, and you’ll see the biggest return on your investment. Around here, we focus on results. All that glitter we talk about in Team Shine is real – it’s the sparkle in the eyes of your ideal client when they find you, their perfect match. You’re a gem, and your ideal clients will fall in love with you. But, they can’t do that if they can’t find you where and how they are looking.

Here with us, you’ve got a service to suit your every need.

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“You make SEO 900x more interesting.

(But let’s face it, it is still quite boring).” Babb Photo


SEO Healthcheck

The SEO Healthcheck is our most popular service. When we deliver each report, we know that when you follow up on the recommendations we make, you will be surprised and delighted by what a difference it makes to your business.

Sprucing up your content and the backend of your website simply works when it’s based on the customised reports and recommendations we deliver you after running over 30 distinct tests. Rest assured; if you don’t have the time or comfort with website technology to implement the recommendations, we can help you with that, too. We’re here for you – every step of the way.

This is not just any website audit. This provides detailed recommendations in a (yes, geeky) unintimidating and very useful report that some clients now call their SEO Bible. This will sit next to you on your desk as you create content for your website with a clear strategy.

SEO doesn’t need to be a headache. It’s the foundation of your online shine. Go for it!

Investment £699

(two payments of £349.50)

“To be honest, I thought SEO was like p***ing in the wind. The internet is a giant beast! But with Maddy’s help people are really finding me. I’m on page one FFS”Parrot & Pineapple

Bespoke SEO Optimisation Services

Once the SEO Healthcheck reveals all the ways you can completely optimise your site, then what? The SEO Healthcheck is designed for you to have a complete SEO strategy right to your inbox, but you can also book us to implement the recommendations we make.

From increasing speed to adding keywords to content advice and even site development, here are just a few of the services we provide to action all of those great SEO recommendations:

Optimise & tagging your image library

Setting up and managing your email marketing


Telling Google you exist in the slickest way


Updating content with the best keywords

Showing you where to post to increase your site traffic


Improving your website security

Teaching you how to get more clicks to your site

Making your website extra fast with the right plugins

Delivering excellent bespoke web development and maintenance

Brainstorming and advising on best blogging practices

Creating your content marketing calendar

and so much more!

Just imagine your SEO boxes not just ticked off your list, but done in a flash – boom!