Analytics Review

If your blog just isn’t performing the way you would like, or you’d like to get your site even more optimised, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on. We’ll help you get all that great content working smarter for you to bring in more clients.

For years, I have loved digging into my client’s analytics to solve the mystery of website and blog  performance. Once we have the reasons for poor performance sorted, I recommend straightforward next steps  to get more of your target audience seeing and reading your posts, which gets you more client enquiries. I now work with Team Shine to analyse your stats and produce  actionable results for you. We discover in detail how site speed and optimisation is affecting your blog performance, and what you can do about it.

Results are delivered in a spreadsheet with recommendations and suggestions.

Analytics Review fees depend on the number of blogs to be reviewed and the level of detail required.


Analytics Reviews start from £200

If you are ready to take your blog performance to the next level, please send me a message with this form. I’ll be very happy to chat about your needs and provide a quote for your particular blog.

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