She is a ray of sunshine, a super clever lady and a pleasure to work with. Maddy is genuinely excited about helping her clients. She manages to make important but fairly dry business topics (like SEO) interesting and accessible, which is no mean feat! Since working on a new SEO strategy with Maddy my web traffic has QUADRUPLED.
Laura, Babb Photo / SNAP Photography Festival

As soon as I met Maddy, I immediately loved her approach – full of ideas and really enthusiastic and really organised, I feel I can relax. She knows bloody loads about marketing & SEO.

Fiona Kelly Photography

Maddy is passionate, bubbly, pro-active, professional, honest, reliable, organised, dedicated and good at what she does. Without a doubt, I would recommend her to anyone in the wedding industry.

Nicola, Propose PR

Hello there!

Hello wedding professionals and creatives!

I’m Maddy and I love all things glitter and shine, and that includes SEO. Yep, in my world SEO is a big bursting balloon full of glitter because when it pops right (like we do it around here), it delivers shine for miles and that glitter sticks to everything (pretty much forever).

Do you ever wonder how on earth you’re going to get it all done, get your website and online profiles found and adored, and book enough ideal clients to make your dreamy creative business really come alive? Here’s a hint: it’s not by spinning your wheels every which way and hoping it will all come together. There is a better way!

By optimising for search results on Google and social media, you take your business where it needs to go without the hassle and confusion.

Get more of the best kinds of clients

Make more money doing what you love

Have a blast online and generate real buzz

Give your gifts and talents without burning out

Below are the key services I know will make the greatest contribution to your success.
I can’t wait to help you make your business shine!

Maddy xo

How I can help you


Get found the right way by the right people


Have a clear focus – who you want to attract and how

Content Marketing

Create content that your clients will love


Connect with people who love what you do

Start here with my key service, the SEO Healthcheck

Cut the confusion, and focus in on what actually works with my most sought-after service.

The SEO Health Check is foundational to your success.


Expert site testing and assessment


Personalised report delivery and coaching


Complete next steps to get your site found


Page-by-page SEO recommendations


Friendly, industry-savvy support for miles


Personalised report delivery and coaching

Maddy helped me implement some pretty big changes and actually see how SEO is not something to be afraid of. I can clearly see now what I should be doing and how I can achieve results. Gold star for Maddy for being ace and also an all-round lovely person!

Faye Cornhill, Surrey wedding photographer

go VIP

and get me as your
personal marketing coach

Jumpstart your marketing plan

Stay primed and focused as your business grows

Have a focused website consultation

Have a supportive, go-to expert on your team

Get ongoing PERSONALISED 1:1 business coaching

Get bossed around a little, in the best sort of way

Take your business success to the next level in a super practical way

With Maddy, you get a no BS approach, she’s so easy to talk to, she’s bloody lovely, and her advice is 100% tailored to us and our business. She really takes the time to understand our needs and then develops a plan of action accordingly. We know that if Maddy tells us to do something it’s because it works.

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Web Design

Magnetise more clients with brilliantly optimised web design

Make sure the home of your online presence expresses your brand and increases sales with our shining website design services.


Be proud of a website built to your bespoke needs and desires


Manage changes post-launch with ease and simplicity


Deliver a beautiful user experience to your clients


Get a Google-friendly design that looks beautiful too


Receive fully-optimised website copy that sings


Get results with a caring, full-service, expert approach


Content Marketing

Reach more customers with a customised Content Marketing Strategy

Getting customised support to create and launch targeted content marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to boost the visibility of your products and services.


Identify the perfect product or service to feature


Grasp the basics of content marketing to streamline efforts


Know what to create, and where and when to post online


Present your key offering beautifully & effectively


Generate more buzz and attract new clients ready to buy


Get a step-by-step plan and one-to-one support


Say it in the best way with Shining Copywriting

Present your wedding or creative business to the world in a way that inspires instant loyalty, making it very clear that you are the one to choose.


Optimise your precious Home page space


Make your About page sing


Polish your Product page to a sales-making shine


Energise your blog with stellar content strategy


Launch something new with panache


Get optimized blog articles that compels readers to act

As a result of working with Maddy, I have an amazing website which I am truly proud of. I would recommend Maddy to everyone I know.

Rowan, Parrot & Pineapple Photography

Shine Google Analytics Review


Assessment and advice on optimising blog performance


Easy-to-understand report of findings


You decide which next steps to take


Post by post page load and content analysis


Straightforward, actionable suggestions

Get your great blog content working better and smarter for you.

Take simple, specific steps to optimize your blog and boost client enquiries.

Get more clients with the Pinterest Love Course

Join Kate Cullen (wedding stylist with 29,000 Pinterest followers) and I for this how-to extravaganza and get practical, proven Pinterest coaching that delivers.

Take the course at your own pace and join the Facebook group where you can ask us questions as you go.


Understand why Pinterest is so important today


Quickly build adoring throngs of followers


Get found and enthusiastically shared


Present yourself beautifully and effectively


Create buzz with residual, evergreen impact


Drive ready-to-buy traffic to your website

Course registration is opening soon.

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